Yǐ shǔ yí shù yí shú yí shū yī shù yǐshū yì shù | 2013

30 mins. approx. | Collaboration | Live performance and installation

In this performance collaboration, I was questioning the unnecessary inventions and rituals in our contemporary life that claim to improve people’s minds and lives. We invited the participants to explore the wonder of memories in three different spaces at the Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei, on Mar 14 and Mar 17, 2013.

Performed on Mar 14 and Mar 17, 2013 at Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei

Art Direction by Jia-Jen Lin
Performance by Chieh-Hsin Lee, Min-An Huang, and New-York Chi
Vocals by Nikko Cloud
Poetry by Ye Mimi
Lighting Installation by Wei-Hsiang Weng
Photography by Chia Wei Li
Curated by Meta Hong
Produced by DBS Collective

Advisor: The Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government Taipei Culture
Supervisor: Mixing Membrane
Organizer: DBS Collective
Sponsor: National Culture and Arts Foundation, Department of AIR, Taipei Culture Foundation.