Solo- WARK | 2016

Life Size | Solo Exhibition | Sculpture, installation, photography, video

Press Release & Statement

Location: Rabbithole Project, Brooklyn, NY

As a non-English native speaker, I thought that I had I created a word: wark, which combines work (labor in paid employment) and art (creative activities). Later, when I searched online, I discovered that wark actually was a historical Middle English and Proto-Germanic word meaning “to work, act” or “pain, suffering, anguish.” This definition perfectly matched one of the similarities of manufacturing and art-making that I intended to emphasize—labor.

Inspired by my father's former bonded leather factory in Taichung, Taiwan, WARK is part of the Manufracture Series that explores the contradictory yet parallel relationships between manufacturing and art-making. After visiting and documenting local manufacturers and post-industrial sites, and purchasing materials from them, I use photographs, sculptures, and videos to re-fabricate the boundaries and create overlaps between these two industries.

Manufracture Series - WARK is supported by the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan.