Manufractura | 2015

30 mins. approx | Collaboration | Video installation, live performance, and kinetic design

“Manufractura” is a collaborative project developed among Jia-Jen Lin (Visual Art, Taiwan/US), Victoria Macarte (Choreography, Spain/UK) and yuichiro nishizawa (Media Art, Japan/US). The title of Manufractura is derived from Jia-Jen Lin's solo exhibition "Manu-fractured" in 2009.

Factories no longer operate but their physical remnants still exist. The desire for exploring structures, materials, sound, movement, and memories at manufacturing sites brings us to create Manufractura. We investigate the relationships between industrial machinery and human body by way of technology and the arts and how they are interwoven and juxtaposed with each other.

This project is supported by the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung, Bloomfield College, L’Estruch, Paella Showroom, Hangar, and Moritz. Special thanks to Sara Fontan.

Performed on July 12 and 14, 2015 at Paella Showroom and Hangar in Barcelona.

Video&Pre-recorded sound by Jia-Jen Lin
Live performance&Vocal by Victoria Macarte
Kinetic design by yuichiro nishizawa
Elastic installation by Jia-Jen Lin and yuichiro nishizawa