Solo- Bread, Steel, and Benjamin Moore | 2016

Life Size | Solo Exhibition | Sculpture, installation, photography, video

Location: Temporary Storage of Brooklyn Fire Proof, Brooklyn, NY

The Manufracture Series: Bread, Steel, and Benjamin Moore continues to investigate the segregated yet inseparable relationships between manufacturing and artmaking within local settings in Brooklyn. Through collaboration with an Italian bakery in Bensonhurst, a Chinese steel fabrication shop in Sunset Park, and an artist and interior painter working in Brooklyn, Lin attempts to re-fabricate the boundaries and to create an overlap between artmaking, which is conventionally considered sublimated and bound to aesthetic principles, and manufacturing, the processes of which are seldom seen.

Having resided in Bensonhurst and having worked in her Sunset Park studio since 2014, Lin has been able to observe local producers and their manufacturing settings. Through inviting them to be part of the project, Lin intends to blur the line between making art and manufacturing. A series of modular works composed of juxtaposed photographs, sculptures, video documentation, and a live performance will be integrated into the final presentation.

Throughout the process, Lin experienced the different roles an artist has to play when collaborating with local manufacturers in order to produce an exhibition. By switching back and forth among the roles of outreacher, customer, collaborator, laborer, and presenter, Lin inevitably represented the art and artist in a fluid way, with adaptable angles and language. By analogizing how and where artists can posit themselves and how the enterprise of contemporary art can be interlaced with the process of manufacturing from a local and social perspective, Lin aspires to portray their relationships with multiple layers and open interpretations.

The Factory Series and the Manufracture Series are related projects that Lin has been exploring since 2002. Inspired by her father once owning a bonded leather factory in Taichung, Taiwan, Lin has often explored industrial and post-industrial space and their related materials, sound, movement, and memories in the context of contemporary society.

This project is in collaboration with Manuel Molina Martagon, Colby Cannon Welsh, NY Brooklyn Bread, and Quality Stainless Steel Inc.

Manufracture Series: Bread, Steel, and Benjamin Moore is sponsored, in part, by the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan, and the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung, Taiwan, the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).