Manufracture Series- Diptych | 2015

22” x 8.25” | Photography | Archival digital prints

A series of juxtaposed photographs taken in Taichung(Taiwan), Turin(Italy), and the Ruhrgebiet(Germany). Photographs taken during the industrial process will be juxtaposed with photographs of artworks taken from contemporary art venues. My goal is to re-fabricate the boundaries and create overlap between art making and manufacturing.

As a daughter of a former owner of a bonded leather factory in Taichung, Taiwan, I am always looking for the parallel yet contradictory relationship between manufacturing and art. I am interested in exploring industrial and post-industrial space, materials, sound, movement, and memories.

With lower manufacturing costs in China, a lot of the Taiwanese businesses moved their operations to China in the 90s. When I found out that my father wanted to close down his factory, I took photographs and video whenever I had the chance. I was trying to find a connection with my father via his identity in manufacture and my identity in art making. A sudden shutdown caused by a fire at the facility made me feel as if the entire memory of my father’s factory and the connections I was looking for had literally gone up in smoke.

The factories no longer operate, but their physical remnants still exist. As a visual artist, I am compelled to capture and collage the imagery and materials from local manufacture and post-industrial sites and show how the process of exploration resonates with my search for relationships and reinterpretations between manufacture and art-making.