Deep Brain Stimulation | 2011

35 mins. approx. | Collaboration | performance, installation, sound

By means of imagery, installation, sound, poetry, and performance, DBS Collective uses interactive dialogue as a means of expression.

Inspired by the process of "Deep Brain Stimulation" a surgical treatment for Parkinson's Disease patients—DBS Collective questions what is normal and abnormal in our everyday lives. While describing the general expectation that deep brain stimulation represents, DBS also indicates the disparity between our inner and outer states.

Like random scenes in our dreams, DBS Collective members traverse between dance, recitation, interaction with objects, and performance. Through an experimental, arbitrary, and integrated presentation, they deliberate on the possibilities of collision, balance, and conversation among different genres.

Performed on Sep 7, 8, and 9, 2011 at Ruin Academy in Taipei

Art Direction by Jia-Jen Lin
Choreography, Playwriting and Performance by Chieh-Hsin Lee and Min-An Huang
Sound by Jez Fang
Poetry by Mimi Ye
Photography by Cheng Chen, Ren-Haur Liu, Chia Wei Li, Cheng Po-Wen, and Hsin-Che Lee

DBS Collective is an interdisciplinary art group founded in 2011 by Jia-Jen Lin, who in collaboration with artists from different genres, crosses the boundaries of media and genre to investigate the psychological distance between material life and mental/physical sensation. Current core members are Jia-Jen Lin, Chieh-Hsin Lee, Min-An Huang, and Mimi Ye.